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"Chubby girls are better because they always smell like cupcakes!"

27 October
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acceptance, art, austin, baking, bathing, beads, beauty, bellies, belly rolls, bingeing, birthdays, blankets, board games, books, boys, bread, cake, candleabras, candles, candy, carpet, cats, cheese, cheesecake, chocolate, christmas, chubbiness, clothes, clouds, color, comfort, confidence, contacts, cooking, coziness, creation, cuddling, culture, cuteness, dallas, dessert, dictionaries, disney world, dr. pepper, dreaming, dresses, earth, eating, emotion, encyclopedias, fantasy, fat, feeders, feeling bloated, feeling stuffed, fetish, film, flabbiness, flowers, food, foreign film, french, french films, friends, fun, gaining weight, gardens, glasses, gluttony, growing, halloween, happiness, history, holidays, hugging, ice cream, ideas, imagination, indulgence, japanese culture, jiggling flesh, kissing, language, lanterns, late-night coffee shop visits, laughing, laziness, learning, liberty, life, light, love, make-up, masturbation, melody, mexico, midnight snacks, milkshakes, movies, music, my bed, my computer, my parents, my room, nakedness, nature, nerds, new york, night, not wearing make-up, pajamas, parks, people, pillows, pizza, pluralism, protrusions, pudge, rain, reading, reality, reason, restaurants, roundness, secularism, sex, sheets, singing, sleeping, smoothies, softness, starbucks, stars, stomach, sweatpants, swimming, tea, thanksgiving, the city at night, the internet, thick thighs, thickness, thought, tight clothing, tummies, vacations, vegetation, walking, water, weight gain